Welcome to Summerfest Lite

A summer celebration after our spring pandemic will be a welcome highlight as we offer a “lite” version of Orem’s Summerfest. The new dates will be August 10, 12, 14, and 15.

Summerfest Lite will be missing some of the normal Summerfest events and attractions such as the Grand Parade, the kick-off party, carnival rides, and boutiques. We hope we can bring all of these things back for Summerfest 2021.


Geezerfest is part of Summerfest this year! Learn more by clicking here. 

Orem's Got Talent
Mon., Aug 10

Orem's Got Talent

On Monday evening, “Orem’s Got Talent” featuring our local home-grown talent will kick-off the Summerfest activities at the city center stage. There will be great prizes and a great show.

If you’re interested in participating, sign up now.

RevRoad Rally Car Show

On Wednesday, August 12 at 5pm, join us at the “RevRoad Rally” car show with various restored hot rods, antiques, and show cars.

The city and its sponsors will provide a free dinner for you and your family (while supplies last). Dinner will start at 6pm. Other family fun activities at the Scera Park include: “find Mero the Mammoth” scavenger hunt, a family chalk-the-block contest, and more.

Summerfest Pool Party
Fri., August 14

Summerfest Pool Party

On Friday, we’ve got a refreshing pool party at the Scera Pool. Splashing and water fun will abound in the pool and Dairy Queen will again provide the delicious DQ dilly bars.

More Fun
Fri. & Sat., August 14 & 15

Fun for Friday & Saturday

Geezerfest will take the City Center stage on Friday and Saturday. Geezerfest is an annual music festival featuring talented musicians from across Utah Valley. It is a two-day event featuring free community concerts on the city center’s stage–set in a casual, relaxed atmosphere with some good ol’ Rock ‘n Roll bands.

Delicious food available for purchase at local food trucks and free balloons. We are also working on some fun activities for the kids. The grand finale will be a 12-minute Fireworks show, where the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air will fill the sky. A traditional and patriotic show to end the summer.

Spirit of Orem Awards

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Spirit of Orem Awards.

These individuals embody the values we hold dear as a community.

Kyle Clegg has lived, worked, and served in Orem for nearly his entire life. He is an Orem business owner with a loyal customer base, but what really sets him apart is his commitment to serving the most vulnerable members of our community. He believes in “giving until it hurts” and it shows in the work that he does.

He quietly goes about doing good: lending financial support to local schools and charitable organizations, giving heavily discounted or free repair services for those in need, and providing jobs to those who would otherwise remain unemployed.

His daughters attest to Kyle’s character and influence. He has been the same person at home with his family as has been seen in the community. He cares more about individuals and relationships than things. He would often tell his children, “Be good to people—you can be a  little sweeter, a little kinder” and when there was a financial need that needed someone to meet it, he could be heard repeating, “It’s just money…we have sufficient for our needs.”

It is because of the people like Kyle in our community that his statement of Orem is true, “It was a great place to grow up—it still is!”

The instant you meet Brittany Pasquale you know you’re going to love her! Her open-hearted, positive nature, and interest in others makes each individual she comes in contact with feel valued. She is enthusiastic, personable, thoughtful, and someone her students say they want to emulate.

As a junior high health teacher, Brittany guides her students in learning to value
themselves, others, and the world around them. Brittany loves to leave people and places better than she finds them. From picking up trash to lifting students she teaches; she is set on making a difference wherever she is. She believes people are put in our lives on purpose and that it is our opportunity to work toward loving each other.

Always looking for a way to serve, Brittany not only seeks out opportunities to work with youth at work and in the community, but also uses her Spanish to help families integrate within the school system, and volunteers in her free time with special needs individuals.

Brittany is pursuing a master’s degree to become a school mental health counselor. She purports that “everyone can change—it’s just finding the right circumstances” and she has set a course to be a part of that change!