Community Day of Prayer Event

Utah Valley National Day of Prayer

After last year’s cancellation of our local celebration of the National Day of Prayer event, America’s Freedom Festival, Orem Summerfest, and the Utah Valley Interfaith Association decided to celebrate in a grand way this year!

We’re hosting an entire day of prayer, faith, liberty, and hope on May 6, 2021. Following the national theme from 2 Corinthians 3:17, the day will start with a beautiful sunrise service and dove release at Orem’s Timpanogos Park. At noon there will be a moving message and glorious music by nationally recognized performers.

The evening service, will be held at the Provo Community Congregational United Church of Christ. This gathering will feature wonderful music and prayerful dialogue by David Osmond, Dave McCann, and Dave Lewis and the Provo Interfaith Choir. Local interfaith leaders will bring messages of hope and peace. To cap off the night, local cities will turn spotlights to the sky creating “Lights of Hope” throughout the valley. More details below.

Day Break Event

Location: Orem Timpanogas Park Hosting Center (Mouth of Provo Canyon)

Time: 6:30am – 7:00am

What: Dove release and devotional by Fui Vakapuna

Click here to watch online on UVIA YouTube Channel.

Noon Event

Location: Online only

Time: 12:00pm

What: Message and glorious music by nationally recognized performers

Click here to watch online on UVIA YouTube Channel.

Evening Noon Event

Location: Provo Community Church, 175 N University Ave. (Limited to 150 persons)

Time: 7:00pm

What: Music and prayerful dialogue by David Osmond, Nathan Osmond, Dave McCann, and Dave Lewis and the Provo Interfaith Choir

Click here to watch online on UVIA YouTube Channel.

Light Of Hope Event

Following the evening event, from 9:00 -10:00 pm, cities throughout the county will use their emergency spotlights to send a message of hope to the night skies.

We encourage community members to step outside with their flashlights, candles and light-sticks to share their light with others and unite in prayers of gratitude and pleadings for needed blessings.

Throughout The Day

Young adults with varying world views and faith traditions will be answering the following questions on video:

Tell us about a time where your Worldview (religious, spiritual, secular identity) demonstrated liberty and or unity.

If you feel compelled, please share a prayer, meditation, or reflection for the day.

These videos will be posted on the UVIA’s Facebook page at

What Is The National Day Of Prayer?

The National Day of Prayer is an annual national observance established in public law in 1952 and observed publicly on the First Thursday in May. Regardless of the unprecedented challenges that our nation faces today due to the corona crisis and resulting economic shutdown, iwill not be canceled nor postponedbut will look very different from years past. Each year, people gather across our nation, in over 60,000 local community events to pray together for AmericaWhile the number of people gathering maybe different this year, the prayers we pray will be multiplied and amplified through new and creative approaches, combined with unprecedented access to digital platformsIn homes, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nation and the worldobserving recommended social distancing’ measures, our NDP coordinators are planning to mobilize millions in unified, public prayer for America. Focusing on using these digital platforms, this year’s ‘virtual’ observancehave the potential to become the largest prayer ‘gathering’ in U.S. historywith millions praying togetherindividually.