Freedom Vehicles

ParadeTankIf you love freedom, come to Scera Park on June 9 and 10 to honor the veterans and see Freedom Vehicle’s Summerfest display. You will see military vehicles, equipment, and gear used to keep the United States free. Summerfesters will be able to sit in a WWII D.U.K.W. (Amphibious Landing Craft) and hear about the sacrifices  our brave soldiers made while serving our country.
Activities Take a military vehicle and equipment historical tour Take a stretcher ride with a friend Build a protective wall using sand bags Get your picture taken in soldier gear Use a Morse Code machine to break the secret code Shoot a candy air cannon And more . .  .
Times June 9th – 12 pm to 6 pm June 10th – 9 am to 4 pm
Place Scera Park

Vehicles on Display
1941 M3 Scout Car
1942 Dodge Command Car
194x M29 Weasel
1942 Army Bicycle
1942 WC63 1.5 ton 6×6
1943 WC52 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier
1943 Navy generator
1943 International M-2-4
1944 D.U.K.W Amphibious Transport
1944 M2A1 Half Track Car
1951 M37 Weapons Carrier
1951 M37 Air Force Truck
1951 M38 Willys
1962 M43 Ambulance
1962 M109 Mobile Machine Shop
1965 M416 Trailer
1968 M54 Gun Truck “The Proud American”
1975 M750 Southwest parts trailer
1973 M792 Ambulance Gama Goat
1981 Water Trailer
1984 M915 Tractor
1984 M101A1 3/4 Ton Trailer
1988 M105A1 2.5 Ton Trailer
1991 M923A2 Troop Carrier