Summerfest Eating Contests

The eating contests at Summerfest are some of the most divisive events we host during the year. Some see it as a proud American tradition where athletes push their natural abilities to the breaking point. Others see it as a dangerous and disgusting display of gluttony that should not be encouraged or celebrated.

Regardless of where you come down on these issues, we can all agree that Summerfest would not be the same without them.

Summerfest Hot Dog Eating Contest

Sponsored by Wienerschnitzel

Winerschnitzel is back for the 4th Annual Summerfest Hot Dog Eating Contest as ten brave contestants will have ten minutes to eat 15 hot dogs. There is no better way to leave your mark on Orem history than by competing in this legendary event.

Summerfest Pie Eating Contest

Sponsored by Apple Spice Junction

Apple Spice Junction will have the pies stacked sky-high for the 3rd annual Pie Eating Contest. There will be two competitive divisions for kids and adults but only one goal: earn never-fading glory by being named the winner of this proud summer tradition. Get ready to live free and pie hard.