June 7-12, 2021


While we're still taking COVID precautions, we're going to attempt to hold a more normal version of Summerfest.

  • Will Utah County grant us a mass gathering permit? This is ultimately the question that will decide what we can/can’t do.
  • Which events are the highest risk for a large gathering? We have identified those as the carnival & parade.
  • Should we plan for June or should we move it back to August, like we did last year? This is a decision we believe we need to make no later than March, but it will depend on where we are with getting a Mass Gathering Permit and what the vaccination rates are looking like.
In short, there is still a lot we don’t know. We want answers as soon as you do, but we recognize that much of this is out of our control. Please continue to visit summerfest.orem.org for updates.