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Orem Summerfest 2019

Orem, UT

June 10-15, 2019

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Welcome to Summerfest '19

100 Years of New Frontiers

Every Summerfest is special, but this one is historic. In 2019, Orem will celebrate its Centennial and since you only turn 100 once, you've got to throw a party worthy of this remarkable milestone. All of your favorite Summerfest attractions will be back, plus there will be some new things to enjoy as well. Hope to see you there!

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Carnival Tickets

Carnival Tickets are Now Available for Pre-Sale

Thursday, June 13th will be the Family Carnival Day where all rides will be just 1 ticket each, at $1 per ticket. On Friday and Saturday, the rides range from 1 to 3 tickets each. The rides open at noon on Thursday and Friday, and at 10 AM on Saturday.

Want to avoid the long carnival ticket lines? Buy your tickets ahead of time at the Orem Public Library. The tickets are $1 each and they are sold in a sheet of 20.

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Various Locations

Summerfest events happen all over Orem: City Center Park, University Place, Scera Park, and Scera Pool.



Parking can be a beast at Summerfest so here are some ideas to make it easier on you.


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